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Home Networks

The majority of the households in the UK now have many devices connecting to your Wi-Fi or home LAN network. Here at CG security, whether you need a new network set up or a simple LAN home installation we can help you every step of the way.

At CG Security we offer a free consultation on your existing home network setup and will happily provide you with free expert advice or upgrade recommendations.

Wireless Networks

Network support has become more necessary as the use of laptops and mobile devices have grown. As laptops and mobile devices have gained popularity, there has been a growing need for wireless internet. Unfortunately, due to the limited ‘Wi-Fi’ frequency range, we often find in densely populated areas wireless routers ‘fighting’ each other. This wireless Wi-Fi issue is similar to the way two FM radio stations broadcasting on close frequencies will cause interference with each other. Additionally, other possible network problems include authentication issues, wireless card problems, and DHCP faults. The network issues described above can cause internet connectivity issues, and that is where CG Security comes in. CG Security are here to provide network support for your home or office network. Whether you are trying to connect one or multiple devices to your wireless network we can assist in correcting any network issues making accessing your network smooth and effortless.

Wired Networks

CG Security also provides wired network support. Typically wired networks are much more straightforward and have fewer connectivity issues than wireless networks. But on occasion, wired networks can still have network connection problems requiring support.

Other Services

Having a properly functioning network is a must for most home or business offices. Our support can include initial setup and installation of both wireless and wired networks. Ensuring the proper configuration and installation of your network can eliminate many future connectivity issues. If you wireless or wired network has already been installed but is currently having issues, CG Security can identify any problems with your network’s current setup.

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