Intruder Alarm Systems

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Intruder Alarms

In the digital age we continue to expect products which are more aligned with our lifestyle. Products that are fully connected so that we can operate and view their status even while away on holiday. We demand to be able to set and unset the system, get the system status and receive push notifications from your alarm system. Our Intruder Alarms solution is completely wireless. Therefore, there’s no need for additional wires to be ran through your premises, reducing the cost and increasing the tidiness.

App Controlled Intruder Alarms 

Left someone in the office, who doesn't have a code for the system. No problem. The security systems we fit can be controlled by your smartphone from anywhere.

  • Remote set/unset
  • Push notification
  • System status
  • Remotely trigger relays
  • Alarm Activations sent to your smart phone
  • System connected to your WiFi

Monitored Intruder Alarms

Monitored alarms allow you, your key holders or our ARC (Alarm receiving centre) to be alerted if your alarm is activated. The most suitable monitoring will depend on budget, the risk level and insurance requirements. Guaranteed response from the emergency services requires monitoring via an ARC. Please see monitoring for further information.


If you’re unhappy with the levels of service you’re receiving with your current security company CG Security are happy to take-over existing systems, so that you can benefit from our high levels of customer service, maintenance and competitive rates. Talk to us today about how we can help.

  • Batteries Checked & dated
  • Detectors tested
  • Sirens tested
  • Monitoring Channels Tested
  • Logs check for abnormalities
  • Codes checked against personnel
  • System fully tested

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Security tips

  • Use individual codes or tags for your Intruder Alarm.
  • Do Not leave codes written down.
  • Make sure your systems are professionally maintained.
  • Access Control Systems can stop the opportunistic crime of having someone walk in off the street and steel someones handbag or laptop.
  • Make sure to delete old codes when staff leave.